Providing support in business partner selection, identification of potential clients, introductions to investors and meetings with distributors or third party service providers.

  • We organise meetings with potential clients, cooperation partners as distributors or resellers and multipliers including VCs, consultants and government officials.
  • We generate meetings with key industry organizations, sector associations, cluster organizations, industry networks or industry specific working groups.
  • We conduct meetings with key innovators and influencers, this includes research institutions, universities and business incubators.

Corporate participants gain understanding of market trends, internationalisation processes, including opportunities and risks of specific regions. Government institutions are taken through global FDI trends, investment attraction strategies and best practices.

  • Public institutions increase competences of FDI sales and TRADE promotion, learn about investment trends, acquire skills to attract investors and best practices.
  • Managers of SME’s and Start-Ups enhance their knowledge on business development, growth, international expansion and specific regional market trends.
  • Government offer expanding companies training and best practice experiences in internationalization and local market and industry knowledge.

Through public relations campaigns we build credibility, visibility and raise awareness thorugh free media exposure. We position brands on the market, develop strategies building international contexts and addressing selected target groups.

  • We run press releases and media monitoring, developing customized materials, messages, value propositions, media stories, placing articles and quotes.
  • We manage media relations via press conferences, product launches, road trips, speaking opportunities, meetings with opinion leaders and journalists.
  • We build communication and brand-awareness strategies, to selected audiences positioning your brand.

We capture relevant data on industries trends, market behaviour and target group to provide information on the size, structure and dynamics of the market for target market selection.

  • Exhaustive information on market size and growth potential, customer, competition, sales processes, distribution channel analysis, working medium and economy and promotion activities.
  • We analyse current trends in the sector and directions of sectors develop, macroeconomic environment, prices, structures, legislations and administrative conditions and available government support.
  • We analyse risks, competitive advantages of your products/services, prices and brand perception of your company.

Empower government organisations to proactively identify, manage investment opportunities and support expanding companies. We conduct research on specific regions and sectors, identify potential investors and develop strategies.

  • We prepare target lists of companies as well as organise introductions to expanding companies from specific sectors for lead generation campaigns.
  • We elaborate market briefs on key sectors and regions allowing to detect regions and industries that are more suited for promotion activities.
  • We organise economic missions, arrange B2B meetings, seminars, workshops and discussion panels; elaborate programs and recruit participants.

Determine road map and action plan incluiding value proposal, positioning of the brand, target customer, product, determining price levels, channel strategy and business opportunities.

  • We give recommendation on promotion activities as key media, partners, trade shows to visit and marketing activities.
  • We enable the development of data-based market penetration strategies, which will help to contact potential clients and partners to ensure return on investment.
  • We help develop the right organisational and operational model that will actualise the determined strategy and apply the right brand positioning.