Digital transformation at company and government level, from identifying, analyzing, sourcing, planning, and implementation of digital infrastructure and technologies.

  • Studies on the challenges and opportunities presented by digitalization, options for company management, and skills required.
  • Research and implementation project on digital tools and innovative programs for Investment Promotion Agencies.
  • Sourcing and implementing Tech solutions for customer engagement, going global, new services, innovation, M&A, and operational excellence.


Providing support to Venture Capital (VCs) Funds in Limited Partner (LPs) sourcing as well as Startups and Founders in securing financing.

  • Marketing strategies and promotion activities with the focus on the DACH region for partnership and cooperation strategies.
  • Identification and introduction with potential investors, as Family Offices, Pension Funds, or successful entrepreneurs.
  • Lead Generation and relationship development activities with the German Startup and VC ecosystem.


Based in Germany we help companies to validate their product-market-fit, create a market entry plan, and developing first relations.

  • We define products and services that are most suited for the German market as well as target costumers and revenue models.
  • We create market entry action plan with milestones for sales and promotion activities with a target list of contacts in Germany.
  • We help to position the brand in the ecosystem and address selected target groups as potential clients and partners via email and phone.


Empower governments to proactively identify, manage investment opportunities, and support expanding companies via research, relationship management, and introductions.

  • Long term Lead Generation projects, with representation in Germany and Poland.
  • Sector and regions specific market briefs for promotion and marketing activities.
  • Economic missions,  B2B meetings, seminars, workshops, and trade show meetings.


We help companies to decide into which markets to expand first, capturing and analyzing market data and market dynamics necessary for the Site Selection and expansion process.

  • Market information, customer, competition, sales processes, distributions channel.
  • Sector trends, developments, prices, structures, legislations, and available funding.
  • Risks, competitive advantages, pricing models, and brand perception.


Understanding of global Foreign Direct (FDI) Investment trends, internationalisation processes, including opportunities and risks of specific regions and site selection.

  • For Public institutions involved in location promotion and FDI attraction.
  • For Business Development Managers involved in international growth strategies.
  • For governments offering expanding companies training on specific markets.