We are a network of consultants delivering concrete business opportunities to accelerate the company’s and government’s growth, supporting internationalization, expansion, financing, and digitalization with a focus on Germany.

Katharina Arnold, Founder – Growth & Digitalisation

Katharina Foto

15+ experience in consultancy supporting companies in entering the German market. She is realising M&A project within eCommerce and FIínTEch. She creates and implements firm’s digital growth strategies in the DACH region. Additionally, she specializes in the Berlin startup ecosystem via  market entry, expansion, and promotion. Previously, she worked as a consultant for various governments and multinational companies, leading investment projects in the U.S., China, UAE, and Europe. She is Google for Startups Accelerator Mentor.

Katarzyna Nowak, Senior Consultant – EU Grants H2020


Since 2006 she has successfully obtained national and regional state aid as well as European funds for more than 50 projects. She support’s Kaliber services in companies financing of international growth. She advises entrepreneurs on sourcing, optimization, preparation of the application documentation, writing and accounting of infrastructure, production, international expansion and R&D projects. In 2009 Katarzyna founded Nowak Consulting which provides advisory services of available public aid and training on funds us.

Tomasz Bachosz, Intern 

Tomas is a student of computer science and business at the New York University Abu Dhabi. “Doing an internship at Kaliber increased my knowledge on international investment and how government attracts and supports investors. It has been also an opportunity to find out about the Berlin start-up scene and gain practical skills that I will be able to apply in my professional future as an entrepreneur. I recommend applying for the internship at Kaliber as it helps in understanding global investment trends, building knowledge about growing industries, and discovering market entry strategies.”