We are a network of consultants delivering concrete business opportunities to accelerate the company’s and government’s growth, supporting internationalization, expansion, financing, and digitalization.


Katharina Arnold Rokita, Founder – Growth & FDI attraction

Katharina Foto

Over 11 years of experience in consultancy supporting companies and government. Katharina is Founder of Kaliber Services and Chief Growth Officer for a marketing-tech company-AdEmotion. She creates and implements firm’s digital growth strategies. Additionally, she specializes in the German market entry, expansion, promotion, and investment. Previously, she worked as a consultant for various governments and multinational companies, leading investment projects in the U.S., China, UAE, and Europe. She is Google for Startups Accelerator Mentor.

Katarzyna Nowak, Senior Consultant – EU Grants H2020


Since 2006 she has successfully obtained national and regional state aid as well as European funds for more than 50 projects. She advises entrepreneurs on sourcing, optimization, preparation of the application documentation, writing and accounting of infrastructure, production, international expansion and R&D projects. In 2009 Katarzyna founded Nowak Consulting which provides advisory services of available public aid and training on funds us.


Magda Zawada Gawronska, Senior Consultant – Marketing


Magda has been successfully implementing marketing, strategic and creative projects for over 12 years. She gathered experience in the largest agencies in the country, creating projects on an international scale. Magda worked for Play, PKO, Deloitte, KIG, Porsche and many others. Since 2015 owner of Central Park Agency.  She has a perfect aesthetic sense and is charismatic leader.


Zbigniew Jankowski, Senior Consultant- Public Relations 

zbigniew_ ankowski public relations poland

For dozen years now, he has been involved in public relations and marketing projects. His areas of expertise comprise digital communication, corporate PR and data-driven marketing. He has been working on various projects, ranging from finance and pharmaceutical to infrastructural industry and healthcare, as well as ventures dedicated to consulting and law firms. He has carried out projects in Israel and Japan. In addition, he acted as a spokesperson and advisory to the management boards. 


Marcin Szlęzak, Senior Consultant –  Market Entry & Office Search

Marcin Web

Over 12 years of experience in business development and market entry strategies for companies entering the Polish market. He negotiated M&A transactions and was responsible for companies communication and marketing campaigns. Marcin cooperates closely with the logistics, retail, food and FMCG sector (retail and production) and has a broad network of companies and publishers. In 2018 he founded Find Office– supporting companies entering the Polish market in their office search.


Filip Czubak, Senior Consultant – Online Marketing & Developer

Associated with internet marketing for 9 years. He loves challenges, creative projects from extraordinary strategies up to viral productions. Filip analyzes, and investigates traffic sources so as to find the most effective solutions for clients. He worked, among others, for PKO, Haier, NBP, Tacit Investment, Carrefour. Since 2015 co-owner of Central Park Agency.



Tomasz Bachosz, Intern 

Tomas is a student of computer science and business at the New York University Abu Dhabi. “Doing an internship at Kaliber increased my knowledge on international investment and how government attracts and supports investors. It has been also an opportunity to find out about the Berlin start-up scene and gain practical skills that I will be able to apply in my professional future as an entrepreneur. I recommend applying for the internship at Kaliber as it helps in understanding global investment trends, building knowledge about growing industries, and discovering market entry strategies.”