120136085_965644610605028_8434284859236004345_nTALENTPLACE “Kaliber Service supported us in getting a better understanding of the German recruitment landscape, evangelize the market on remote work standards and organize first meetings with potential clients in Berlin. Katharina, worked in close cooperation with our Sales and Strategy Team helping us to find the right product market fit and get ready for our internationalisation”. PRZEMYSLAW KADULA, CEO and OWNER Aleks Reiff

ADEMOTION “Kaliber Services is not only advising us on scaling our business locally and international but also in obtaining the right financing. Thanks to their experience and network in Poland and Germany, we were able to be better prepared and understand the process, anticipate deal terms and potential issues related to public and VC financing. After closing our first investment round, we plan to continue working with Kaliber Services, not only on a revenue base but shares structure.” ALEKSANDER REIFF, CEO & FOUNDER

Tomasz Swieboda_preview

INOVO Venture Partners “As a venture capital fund, we manage international assets, which we allot on investing in innovative Polish companies. Kaliber is a long lasting partner for INOVOs global approach to international operations. Together we have approached German family offices and will continue using Kaliber in our fund raising process connecting us with qualified investors.” TOMASZ SWIEBODA, CEO


MONTIS Capital  “Kaliber Services supported the creation of our Venture Capital fund, Montis Capital and negotiations with initial public and private investors, raising money for Open Innovation projects. Kaliber Services is also giving us valuable strategic advice on fundraising in Germany and is a sparring partner when it comes to international growth strategies.” LUKASZ DZIEKONSKI


Seboradin “Kaliber jest dla nas ważnym partnerem biznesowym. Profesjonalnie wspiera nas, pomaga przy formalnościach i doradza podczas planowania ekspansji na rynek niemiecki. Firma opracowala dla nas analize rynku, na podstawie której zostaly opracowane rekomendacje i stworzona strategia eksportu. Zorganizowała nam w krótkim czasie spotkania z potencjalnymi klientami i partnerami, które teraz rozwijamy.  ”  FILIP PAWLUŚKIEWICZ, PREZES


SUNFISH PARTNERS  “Kaliber Services supported our German VC fund in entering the Polish market. From founders of early-stage startups to the public sector, Katharina has a great network in Poland. We look forward to continuing working with Kaliber Services to further strengthen our network in the Polish ecosystem.” MAX MOLDENHAUER, SENIOR PARTNER


KRAKOWSKI PARK TECHNOLOGICZNY “Kaliber jest doskonałym partnerem dla regionów, agencji rozwoju regionalnego, instytucji otoczenia biznesu, które zajmują się przyciąganiem bezpośrednich inwestycji zagranicznych. Specjaliści wykazują kompleksową wiedzę z dziedziny promocji gospodarczej regionów, która jest unikalna na rynku europejskim. Pomogli nam zaprojektować strategie przyciągania BIZ do region, określić silne strony naszej oferty oraz opracować program szkoleniowy dla burmistrzów i specjalistów do spraw obsługi inwestora.” – KRYSTYNA SADOWSKA, DYREKTOR 

Tomoho Umeda

TOMO GROUP “I have been working with Ms. Rokita on a short, but intensive project advising the cit of Warsaw on public affairs, social networks and digital PR. We where very pleased to have her on board with her professionalism, effectiveness and language knowledge! She is a determine colleague that understands what the target market needs and has the capability of tweaking her marketing & PR modules accordingly using her network. I highly recommend Katharina as a business partner!” – TOMATO UMEDA, FOUNDER AND ADVISOR 

Eliza Kruczkowska

POLSKI FUNDUSZ ROZWOJU (PFR Ventures) “Katharina is hard working, committed, honest, outspoken and very pleasant to work with. She knows the German, Polish and Spanish market very well and I’m sure she would be a good partner for startups ready to grow by international expansion. She can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done.” – ELIZA KRUCZKOWSKA, DIRECTOR DS. ROZWOJU INNOWACJI 

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MINT CLOUD “Collaboration with Kaliber Services was superlative. The expertise and diligence demonstrated in assisting an early stage SaaS startup like ours with formulating and executing a market entry strategy for Germany was commendable and worthy of the highest recommendation.” MICHAL FILIPEK, CEO & CO-FOUNDER


PLAYWOOD FACTORY “Starting my business, I was not thinking of costs related to business consultancy, but Katharina offered me a flexible business model to start cooperating in the early creation process. She developed an action plan for my company creation process, helped me to understand how to match my product to market requirements and identified sales channels. My startup is still at a very early stage, but my likelihood of success is maximized thanks to her advice, knowledge, availability, and network.” AMABELA DYLLA, FOUNDER

POLISH INVESTMENT AND TRADE AGENCY “In 2017, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency was responsible for managing Polish partnership in the Hannover Messe, which was internationally recognized as successful and proved very beneficial to Polish economy. Part of that success derives from the outstanding work of Kaliber Services, which we contracted to facilitate contacts with leading German companies present at the fair. I highly recommend Kaliber Services and hope to contact them again for future endeavors.” TOMASZ PISULA, PRESIDENT